I'm David Eggleton, and I'm a gymnastics coach, pole dance instructor, and aspiring performer.

In my spare time, I have an unhealthy obsession with gymnastics, and have picked up pole dancing along the way.

I have competed at the following competitions:

If you require Justice of the Peace (Qualified) services, or have any other questions, you can contact me below.


Current involvement

Urban Gymnastics runs adult-based gymnastics classes, offering strength, tumbling, and apparatus sessions. I implemented their online booking system, run their social media, redesigned their website, occasionally coach (MAG Advanced), and I'm the main point of contact.

I coach out at Pole Fitness Australia, and at Hanger 66. Sometimes I coach at dance schools, teaching tumbling, handstands, and acrobatics.

I am working with Gymnastics Queensland in four capacities. I am the Event Operations/Co-ordinator, managing the delivery of all gymnastics competitions in both the metropolitan and regional areas of Queensland for all competitive disciplines. I am a course presenter at Congress, an annual event featuring a series of workshops and courses for gymnastics coaches, judges, administrators and club managers. I am also the FreeG state presenter, responsible for delivering the course to Queensland members. "Freestyle gymnastics" encourages participants to use traditional gymnastics equipment in new ways, drawing on influences from martial arts, free-running, parkour, tricking, and breakdancing. With my involvement in the recreational gymnastics space, I am on the Gymnastics for All Advisory Committee.

I currently provide a software solution for Brisbane Grammar School Gymnastics Club for their gymnastics scoring program, alongside other previous capacities.

I am also a Justice of the Peace (Qualified) for Queensland.

Sometimes I write things on this site.


Previous involvement

Binder is a document-collaboration tool, where I was tasked with front-end development and design, while occasionally tinkering with server-side code. I was one of the team members responsible for rebranding the company (formerly Edocx).

I have been involved with Brisbane Grammar School Gymnastics Club since 2006: training through my younger years, became captain in 2010, and started coaching the same year up to the present day. I have filmed, edited, and produced their 'spirit' and end-of-year videos since 2010, and created and redesigned their website in 2014.

I have worked in the Brisbane Grammar School Boarding House, looking after national and international students.



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